Trouble with a list

Hello, I am having trouble with a list showing all data in a collection. It is only showing numerical data line items and not text data options in magic text.

Hi @cjcasada ,

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Can you take screenshots of your collection contents and magic text in list ?

What field are you going to put on this magic text ?

It looks to me that your relationship is done wrong or you need to use list of maintenance first, but it really depends on the scenario.

It is better to have some context and walkthrough.

What I am trying to create is a collection of customers. Each customer has maintenance logs during the month. The screen I am trying to create is a list of information from the customer catalog and below a list from the lease maintenance logs. I was able to get it to work but now my magic text shows the catalog fields except the true false.

Can you show the collection relationship ?

If you could, screenshot just the partial of it and the content of the collection, no need the whole screen.

Sorry, my snipping tool closes the magic text window so I have to screen shot that one. Thanks

My true false does not show up in magic text for some reason. Do you have any Ideas why that might be happening?

Okay, I see that you have solved the problem.

true/false is used in conditional visibility.

so, if you put text with the word “true” and put visibility based on that boolean field.

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