Webview not storing cart info


I’m loading a webview inside the PWA. the webview has a cart, but when I add an item to the cart, it seems as if the user session gets deleted.

Is there a way to get this working with the Adalo webview or pragmaflow review component?


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This website that you open inside the webview, is it part of your application or created on adalo? Or some external website?
How this website is storing user info? I mean do u need a user to be able to make an order?

I believe that when u open the webview it does not have the user info so it is not adding or showing the proper user’s items

Also noticed that on webview it opens the menu screen directly, but on the website u have opened the main page and clicked on “order now” first !! Maybe that has something to do with storing the order details!

hi, thank you for your response.

Website is external of app.

Not sure how the website stores user info but it’s not required to create a user to make an order.

the link on it is correct, there are two ways of starting the order.

Mmmm … nothing else in mind

On my app I am using the standard webview and it is working normally, just noticed that is has a weird caching issue where it keeps an old version of the opened link until you close the whole app and open it again

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