What Custom Components do YOU want in the Marketplace?

Wow :heart_eyes: that will super duper cool! Also if possible the color too? :smiley:

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sure! it shouldn’t take that long. (I should have it ready by today to publish, no promises)

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And I have a request too! Maybe this could be simple but is it possible to create a component like a rectangle that we can set the width and height from magic text? If there’s a component already made for this let me know!

would anyone else be interested in this?

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Thanks Buddy! Wishing you the best of luck!

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If dynamic background can accommodate both color choice and photos (either user uploaded or pre-selected from a Collection), I’d give ya $35-$40 for it. If it’s just color, I’d settle with $25.

It’ll have color and image. Here’s a sneak peek of it:

You can change the “background type” to color or image.

Is $15 or $20 a fair price for this component?


First and foremost, this is awesome! I’ll gladly give you $20 for it, no hesitation, plus a tip if you have a tip jar setup somewhere. This is something that’s desperately needed and foregoes the need for a light/dark switch, since it goes way above and beyond. Excellent work!

Just for clarity, can the dynamic background be altered user-side, or just in the editor? In other words, can my app’s users customize their own background (color or image, to their preference) for their individual accounts?

I want to make the price lower but Adalo takes 40% of the sale lol :joy:

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The image can be dynamic or static so you can pull colors or image from the database.

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Wow… that’s quite a cut… but as noted, I’ll gladly pay $20 for it. Well worth it, in my opinion.

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Excellent work! Where will I be able to find/purchase it when it’s ready?

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The Adalo component marketplace, it’s in the editor

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Ah nice, ok! I guess that explains why Adalo is taking their cut of flesh from your profits :joy:

Can’t wait to lay my hands on it — I may be the only one super stoked about this component, but just know that my excitement makes up for the excitement of ten other people lol.

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An improved video player. I’d be willing to pay for this, and Mintflow was kind enough to provide the source code as well.

Missing Features in Plyr:

  • Chromecast casting
  • Automatic fullscreen/landscape
  • Adalo action commands associated with buttons
  • “End of playback” actions in Adalo
  • Native ability for video player to keep screen awake

Hey Everyone!

I just sent the dynamic background component in for review. (it might take a week or two until it’s in the marketplace)

Here’s a preview of it:


It will be $20 in the marketplace.


This is great…was just looking for this functionality last night. I have another ask. Any chance we can figure out how to create a list (not dropdown) style component that you can select multiple items and then have a single button that triggers actions to happen across the multiple selected items? For example, in a team management app and there is a draft, if a user wants to add multiple players to a team and upon adding you want multiple actions to occur for each one added (add to team, grant access to the teams section of the app, etc.). Right now you can do one at a time using toggles or icon buttons, but Im dying for an easier way to do mass actions across items.


Yes this would be a great component.

Another functionality i can think of is a “mark all as read” for a notifications page, so that all the notification records can be updated at the same time.

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There has to be a solve for the mass updates without doing weird stuff with countdown timers, etc.


I would like the user to be able to download files such as pdfs.