What Custom Components do YOU want in the Marketplace?

which one? your setup?

Yes. The one with the better web-view component? Interested to know if that works. If not a component for this will be great!

btw, the webview component is very laggy, if you try to edit something it just gets deleted.

Yep! If you encode the code and paste it no issues :eyes:

i tested it on android and it doesn’t work

It means we need a component for that! Good Luck Buddy!

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What happened to the screen swiping component for fullnscreen videos an images can you do it or not?

Wrong person

Sorry for the delay here. If I have a list of team members and I want to create an action that affects multiple (say adding several of them to a group), right now I am using a icon/toggle to do one at a time. The other option to do it is by using the timer per @Victor demo. What I really want is to have checkboxes next to each user, and even a select all with a button that once tapped it performs an action (or multiple actions) against each selected user.


What happened to the screen swiping component for full screen videos an images can you do it or not?

Hey guys,

good news!!

i’ve sent in a color picker component for review to Adalo!

here’s a gif of it:

Adalo Marketplace Components

let me know if you’re interested down below, it’s going to be $15! (btw, it works on iOS, Android, & web!)

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it can also be horizontal or vertical:



James, Great work! :muscle: But I think a component for this feature would not be needed because @knight already created a one for this feature! :nerd_face:

But I think it will not be a problem because there is two countdowns too :joy:

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Oh yeah…but mine is $15 and his is $25. My component is $10 less than his. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:joy: :raised_hands:

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Does this work in conjunction with your dynamic background component?

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Yes, it does! I actually tried it and it looked really cool. Once I’m done with vacation, I’ll record a video with the color picker and dynamic background! :slightly_smiling_face:

The Complab Paypal component is actually working perfectly fine for me on both iOS and Android, you should probably ask the folks at Complab to update your version.
With that said an audio component would be great, I have already hired a freelancer to work on it and he managed to write some of the code, and I’d be happy to provide it for you as a starting point not to mention to pay for completing it.

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What do you mean by audio component? Audio recorder?

I can probably make it. It has some popularity too.