What if data generated by users crosses 50000 records?

My app is supposed to generate roughly 6 records per user which will be stored in a table and if 1000 users are using it on a daily basis then 8-9 days will be sufficient to fill the table. How will next record get stored ? Is there any way that tables will be created dynamically after one table reaches record limit? If I want to fetch data for a user in Adalo App and these are stored in different tables how will this work?

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Thanking in anticipation.

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You could store the less frequently used data or archive old data into airtable so your db is staying smaller.

Use case for me example: I’m building my company a delivery driver app that interacts with clients. Once the delivery is completed it is deleted from the delivery open database and a record is created in airtable of closed deliveries which isn’t accessed often.

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You will receive a warning within the Adalo builder to upgrade or remove data but data will continue to be stored by Adalo. We will never delete data or overwrite anything because of reaching the limitation.

Just want to clarify - is there a limitation in Adalo on storing maximum number of records? Either per app or per account?

Where on the Adalo pricing page does it say the 50000 records number? I only see 5GB in PRO plan which I subscribed.

5GB is not only 50000 records, it’s a lot more. I think Adalo should have a way to show us the current size of the Database and collections.

Yes correct. I know 50k records will not be anywhere close to 5GB. It would be a small fraction (assuming no media).

Thats why my doubt, that if Adalo says 5GB on pricing page, why is 50k records even a limit or a concern (per collection, per app, or per account) ? What’s the fine print I’m missing?

Appreciate if someone can give more information.

The table limit and the storage limit have no correlation to each other. They are both separate limitations we impose on the free plan.

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