Is there a record limit per collection?

Goodmorning everyone,
I wanted to ask a very simple thing that I can’t find an answer to:

Does Adalo have a limit of records that can be stored on a collection?
On the web I read that Airtable has set the limit to 50 thousand records.
But Adalo instead?

Suppose that an APP has a good success, and reaches 50 thousand users (User collection), no one else will be able to register? (this is an example for AIRTABLE)

but instead for Adalo? when we risk not being able to store data anymore? I read 5Gb, but is there a numerical limit for collection?

Greetings to all.

Good question, I would like to know same, since some DBS have unlimited record collection while Asset storage is limited (Media, files). I assume it would be in this case overall 5GB for all, and more columns media/file columns/fields you add, the more it reduces the DB line/row size.

Airtable Enterprise has 100K records actually, but probably price is not appealing anymore, if you go for Backendless or XANO ( they have plan starting from 99$, unlimited record limit), and you can use AWS S3 for Media Storage which is rather cheap.

As someone mentioned here (I believe Victor), Adalo collections and External collections have their PROS/CONS, so best to see what fits better your purposes.

Thanks for the reply.

I hope to have as many users as possible in my app, for me a good number would be greater than 100 thousand users (it would mean that the app has good potential).
But it worries me that at a point everything can be blocked due to lack of space or because the record limit has been reached.

But since I have not found anything about Adalo, I do not understand if the capacity is the total of 5gb or if there is a numerical limit for collection (similar to airtable).

Very interesting what you say about other partners. Is it possible to connect Adalo not only with AirTable? But also with other similar services?


I use Airtable for clients that want small apps and want to manage the data from a backend (going directly into Airtable), For Heavy apps, my personal preference is XANO. Some users say Backendless is also pretty good.

There are more, Stackby, contentful, you just need to choose the proper flavour.

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