What is happening with Adalo?

100% Agree.

I had a call last week. To be honest I was really surprised with how sincere and open he was in wanting to listen to suggestions or improvements.

It comes down to old complaint about on general lack of Adalo communication. On one hand CEO is really meeting users for a few months. If you look at his calendly, there are so many slots for the past couple of months. Can’t imagine how many clients he must’ve spoken to. But on the other hand the announcements or communication from Adalo on forums is quite irregular and one-sided. Even after almost universally negative feedback on new pricing the rollout still went ahead and they locked the forum threads, which makes them appear dictatorial and not respectful of the community that is using and tolerating their (still buggy) product.

I encourage everyone to book time with him if possible to have a serious conversation with your suggestions and opinions. Best case outcome is your suggestion is actually implemented and there are adjustments to the pricing plans - and whole community benefits. Worst case outcome is you invested 30 mins more in Adalo before moving to another platform. But if you don’t speak to him you’ll never know.

Ask him to keep his calender slots open and keep talking to more users at least until December. That’ll give us approx 6 months of new pricing and 6 months till mandatory switchover, sufficient sample size for Adalo to determine whether the new pricing plans are working, what’s the churn in current users, what’s the growth of new sign-ups, etc.


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I’ll take your advise, hope Adalo listens!

I for one understand the need for increasing prices, but:

  1. That pricing complexity seems above what everyone of us expected.

  2. I feel uncomfortable “paying more” when Adalo is constantly failing in so many ways. And I am not talking about lacking features, I am talking about current features that break very very often.
    None of my paid services have bugs every week and none of them make me spend half the time using it in trying to find “what is wrong” when the only thing that is not working properly as it should is Adalo.

In one sentence: I would be happy to pay a bit more, as long as things actually worked.

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Exactly, if the money went to make the product considerably better it would be better justified but It seems the money is going to increase profits instead of functionality.

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The new pricing updates from Adalo is not so good for me.
I like to pay for great products and services, like Adalo.
But I don’t really like when a paid service is planning to get money from how my business is growing.
I want a clear distinction between my business and your business.
This pricing updates from Adalo is getting me to look elsewhere to build my app.
Thanks Adalo, but no thanks.

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Send link you app

Yes exactly

They should release the unlimited action plan. If they really aim to making money , it’s fine but Adalo must really prove that at that price Adalo are deserve.

They are miss the function by them self like sending email from Adalo system ( at this point we need to pay for API to do that), or super simple feature like creating .PDF (that also need to pay to third party API)

My project is still on process but when I’m check the action is like 17,000 time/whole month/only me.

Imagine When I have user like 10 users. and it’s like buy more action like 90USD.

I’m not say that they can’t raise the price up but If they want to have more money, many thing must get a lot more upgrade.

I feel like all people who complain they not really get that new feature.

By the way, I still loving Adalo and community here . they are the one who open my no-code world. but I can’t stop to think about if I can made an App by Adalo what if I make at other platform that can download the source code.

Best Regard.

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Yes as @JakeZen said, I feel uncomfortable “paying more” when Adalo is constantly failing in so many ways. Totally agree

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I totally agree with you. I’m so disappointed with the prices changes considering that you already must have third party database for something more than prototype or internal project, because Adalo’s Database is laggy and very very slow, especially with large number of items.

Their decision to have basic useful things paid in marketplace for couple of creators make money, while they could easily make them themselves and provide value and needed functions to all Users and thus at least justify prices etc.

It also lacks basic responsive features, now Apps on Adalo don’t have modern feel to it.

But most importantly Adalo isn’t looking stable and sustainable. I always worry about investing my time in it, and really scary to make really commercial app.

If they at least make their Database fast responsive reliable with scalable pricing tied for usage like any other modern no code Databases I’d live with all other complains, because it will be convenient to have native Database, shared across all your apps and have it really scalable and fast.

But for now as much as I love it for simplicity and encouragement to really make apps, I have to look for other options, because I just don’t trust it enough and it really really slow to compete with others.

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Totally agree, they really need to up their game to even keep existing costumers let alone get new ones.

I literally just spent 6+ months and hundreds of hours switching AWAY from a similar app builder that cost me $250 a month and had app limits because Adalo was so much better.

I’m probably $10k+ deep into the transition and have not made my money back.

Now Adalo has decided to screw us with a cactus with these new updates. Thanks Biden.

Agree that this is totally unexpected and unwelcome. One question are you referring to Biden the president?

In case it helps as a case study:
I have an app with 200-400k actions per month and it makes 200-600€ per month in income (a lot of users from countries who download it and don’t pay).
Surely I could just block the app in certain countries and have fewer app actions, but actions are not always the same as the income it generates, especially in the phase of experimentation.

After I reply this thread, I decided to stop develop with Adalo.

I make almost 90% but this is my reason.

1.What Adalo did to the customer, stop customer complaining in forum is showing something to me.

2.No one know what the next change coming and what we will get a lot more suffer.

3.If I release the app now and move to other platform in the future , it’s gonna suffer a lot more.

4.After this case I feel a lot of user will moving out and that mean a lot , lowing number of the user = lowing developer that make custom component or low number of blogger content.

5.I feel the forum traffic decrease suddenly.

“If I can made app with Adalo why I had to stop learning the other platform”

I’m the business owner, When I do something, I will think about my customer first. what is my customer will benefit what we loss and how long we can sustainable the business.

I hope Adalo CEO will re-considering about it.

This is my last month subscription. I’m learning other platform that can download the source code(a lot more content sharing knowledge to make it at youtube)

Are you talking about Flutter Flow ?

I’m not make a 100% decide which one I will use, I’m looking about the firebase cost and another platform.

Very regret to move from here.

I believe at lease people want to hear something from CEO, may be the future commitment for customer or why they actually do this.

If the real reason is server loading, we should get some choice because right now the people who feel uncomfortable with Adalo has only two choice that
1.pay more
2.leaving from Adalo

Some app doesn’t make a money like the internal part for worker and management something.

I have set schedule to consult , I will wait until that day I hope I can get something from conversation.

Best Regards

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I am strongly looking at switching to FlutterFlow. The fact that they give you the source code eliminates getting screwed by the company even if they 5X their prices.

Lol, yes I am referring to the President.

Iv decided to sit down and watch the activities of these forums and Adalos vision, I have also stopped subscriptions and notified my clients we aren’t able to develop apps dues to the speed issue with Adalo and the high costs from our service s provider. Im glad my clients are not angry with me and they understand the economic situation, I’m currently exploring serices elsewhere and from time to time, I check Adalos forums for any updates regarding app actions.