What is the best strategy? To combine or separate apps


I want to create multiple apps, like a social media app, dating app, etc. These will all be under the Wappiez brand. Was just wondering, since you guys know all the possibilities Adalo has to offer, if it would strategically be the right choice to put these inside 1 app, or make a separate app for each one.

What do you think?


Personally, i prefer having them in separate app, and if they’re all linked to same brand, i’ll make all the app to share the same database.

Hey, after using Adalo for a while now my recommendation would be to create seperate apps with a shared database (if required) for the following reasons:

  1. Easier to manage and edit
  2. Too many screens and components may slow down the app
  3. The app may crash if it’s overloaded

As the guys above said. Separate apps with shared database.

Thanks guys.

When combining a database, will this mean that users will automatically have an account on all platforms?



Kay thx. That’s not what I want though. A social media and dating app are two different things. Some partners would not be happy to find their spouse on a dating site. :slight_smile:

You can set a TRUE/FALSE field and for example, if the user created his account on social media app set it to TRUE, and in the dating one, show only profiles that have this field FALSE. That’s what I would like to do in your situation.

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Let the users decide. Add a setting on their profile if they want to be part of both apps, social media and dating. It’s up to them.

You can have different profile settings depending on their decision, and you set visibility rules for those settings accordingly.

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