Is it possible to create a Social Media and Dating app on Adalo?


I want to create a social media app, like Facebook, and make money by selling banner spaces or posts that are viewed by users. Is this possible on Adalo?

And I also want to create a dating app, like Tinder, and make money by selling subscriptions to users. Is this possible on Adalo?


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Yes it’s possible to create these kind of app,

Best of luck

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This is possible in Adalo. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re looking for a developer to work on this project!

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Yes it’s possible. Just be careful with the database. Once you have a lot of records in database, the application will be very slow and the users will uninstall it. If you want, write me in PM and I will give you some tips on how to avoid the speed problem.

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Yes. You can very easily .Just you have to adalo apps site and learn how you can create a social media and dating app on adalo.

If you plan to store images i would suggest looking into external storage to keep speed up and use pragmaflow’s data preloader to prevent excessive wait times

Make your App faster with this simple component!


I have a social media app with 1.000+ users and few Hundreds of posts, doesn’t matter that I use an external database because the app is still very slow…

The only thing that can make the app faster is to make it simple, load a low number of records in a list, avoid the actiune with database, avoid many relationships.

That’s some tips I learned in my experience with Adalo.

Good luck!

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Apps on Adalo are hosted by Adalo? I have my own hosting on which I’m hosting my current websites. Is it possible to host my own Adalo apps? Maybe this can tackle the speed problem?

You can use a different backend (database) for now. I heard some rumors that Adalo will let you host the app on other servers soon!

Hi @alexbarciog

So what is your solution to keep the speed up? Are you using a different database?

I read something about Airtable?

I do not believe its possible to use that resource anymore…

What I do to speed up the apps:

  • I use Xano as backend
  • I load only 25-30 records on a page
  • I avoid much as possible visibility conditions
  • I try to make a very simple logical between data

Xano give you possibility to select the server location, and that’s a very good one because the speed of the app depends of the distance from user and servers.

I don’t use Adalo as backend for any collection. I use external users in Xano.

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Thx and that works well for you? You have consistent fast speeds with 1000+ members?

Actually I use this for 1 month ago for a e-commerce app that have 1500+ records and is working well.

I gave up social media because I launched the project in March and I didn’t have much experience at the time of launch, and it was an unexpected increase and everything disappeared because of Adalo and the speed.

Now, I have a lot of experience but I don’t have time to focus on my social media project and to fix it because I have another big projects in progress.

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you can’t install it using the previous installer but you can use the terminal to install via github with the git commands and adalo’s developers mode

@Expert is correct. The marketplace installer went offline again on Friday, we will bring it up again this week if Adalo does not finish their installer.

The data preloader did break at one point last week but we repaired it an hour after it was first reported to us.

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Ahhh ok I’ve never used developer mode etc so i wouldn’t know the first thing about that lol

Does that mean Adalo are launching something very soon?

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