What is this spinner waiting for?

A strange situation, and I may not be able to describe it well enough for anyone to help.

This is an internal company app, so I don’t need it to look pretty. It’s a library app, designed to manage items borrowed from our library.

On my home screen, I have a single text input field.

When I enter a Member ID number, a user profile will be displayed.

When I leave this screen, I have an action to update the input field to empty. If I didn’t do this, the field would retain the last ID number entered, and I don’t want that.

Now, I have another screen called “AddItemToInventory”. This is a modal screen, used to add an item that was accidentally not listed in the inventory. The SUBMIT button does several things. First it creates the new item in inventory. Second, it pushes the CURRENT USER ID number to the home screen, and third, it links to the home screen.

The problem is, when I first launch the app’s home screen (the one with the simple text input field) a spinner appears and never goes away.

It’s not really a problem, but I can’t figure out what the spinner is waiting for. I can manually enter a User ID number, and the spinner disappears. So everything seems to be working fine. Except this weird waiting spinner.

Does anyone know what it’s trying to load?

Hi @MikesClub,

I checked your app and I see that you have added the visibility condition ( input > is not equal to > empty ) to the list. Try making that list a group an dad the visibility condition to that group! ( I have did that)

Based on experience when I want to add visibility conditions to custom lists ( not experienced issues with other lists ) I’m grouping that list and adding the condition and to add conditions with the current data I’m grouping the components inside the list and adding the condition.

Before :

After :

Hope this helps!

Thank you

Thank you. That does seem to have fixed the problem.

Making a single item into a “group” seems to be the solution to several Adalo problems.

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