When button click +1 on a textbox

hi guys… I’m newbie here could someone help me? I’m stuck with add button… I just want that, when you click a button it will plus 1 on a text box… ex. when button click +1

Hi Marc,

I think it’s easiest to give you an example - for a feature voting app you would:

  • have a collection of features with a number property (votes)
  • when the user clicks the add button have an action that updates the current idea with current idea>vote sum + 1.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your response sir, But if that’s the only method like the add button sample on this theme plate that would cost a deep lag in my system… if data will travel through data base back to the user…

I just tested this on my computer, almost zero lag. Shouldn’t be an issue unless you have A LOT of records, in which case you may want to reduce the total number of records on the list.

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