When i log out of my app my information doesn't save

When i save my video to the page it shows up in the correct location. When i log out all my information is gone. HELP

Hey, can you post a few screenshots? Sorry, but it is hard to picture your set up just with the info above.

e-bituary edit screens

I have sections for all the Titled screens, once you view each item in its designed area you have the option to add what you like to your profile, which is our home screen(blank screen attached). I have attached the editing screens to this forum.
For example, if I like a video, I select to add it to my profile. That will transfer to the video edit screen and I want that to transfer to my profile page. What’s happening is that it will transfer to the profile screen but, once I log out it’s not there anymore. Then, I have to-do this process again. I need these items to save to the profile page permanently.

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