When pulling something from a list from the database, I can't select its title

Currently, I am creating a certain questionnaire.

In this questionnaire, only the ones that apply to you are checked and stored in the database as a list type.

If there is an answer, we will send you an email.
At that time, I want to put only the ones with check boxes in the text of the email, but that does not appear.

In that screenshot, I’m really want to select the 問診項目s> Title.

Can anyone please tell me the solution?
If you need more information, please let me know.

Hello @YoshiNishitokyo,

In my opinion, this happens because in your DB structure one Interview can have several 問診項目. So when you’re trying to get Current Interview → 問診項目, Adalo doesn’t allow you to do this, as it doesn’t know which record would you like to get. That’s why you see only “Count” option.

May be if you describe the user flow in more detail (step-by-step), someone could advise how to implement it in Adalo.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Vicror, Thank you for your always support.

Ok, I will explain in step-by-step.

  1. I have multiple “問診項目” items in the Collection “Interview(問診)”.
    In addition, the “問診項目” item can have multiple “Interview(問診)”.
    Both are designed to be added to multiple DBs.

  1. Use “Custom List” to prepare “問診項目” in the page, and use Toggle to add “問診項目” to “Interview(問診)” when checked.

  1. This time, when the series of work is completed and the “Submit” button is pressed, I would like to send an email and write down what the “問診項目” added to the “Interview(問診)” were.

However, as mentioned at the beginning, the 問診項目 > title cannot be selected and cannot be set out.

I want someone to help me.
Thank you,

Hello @YoshiNishitokyo,

Ok, if I understood you correctly, you have Many-to-Many relationships between Interviews and 問診項目, and you’d like to create a list of 問診項目’s which were selected.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this in Adalo alone. In regular “full-code” development, one would use cycles/iterations for this, but this doesn’t exist in Adalo.

I can suggest exploring Integromat to solve this. The logic I can imagine:

  • have the field with unique name for Interviews
  • create an Integromat scenario, start with webhook which gets the Interview name
  • next step will be to list Interviews Adalo module of type “List Records”
  • after this module add Iterator. Put a filter between, so that only Interview with needed name can pass it
  • Iterate based on 問診項目 (you’ll have an array as a result)
  • then put “Get Record” Adalo module, and get the record based on iterator’s value. In fact this will get the records for all 問診項目s which are mentioned in the Interview
  • and then you can put some aggregator module, like CSV creation. The hint here is to use Iterator as a “base” module for aggregator.

This is the test scenario I’ve created (without webhook):

This one allows me to get all users who “liked” some artwork in Artworks collection and create a CSV based on that.

Best regards, Victor.

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