Unlimited Adalo action package

What is the price to have a plan with unlimited actions? I am counting the advantages and disadvantages for my future projects

Not really a question for the forum.

You have the pricing page and you can submit a ticket with Adalo.

There is not an option for “unlimited app actions”

This is from the app actions documentation for when you go over the monthly allocated app actions:

Each App Action package add-on will cost $8.00 per 15,000 actions per month.*

*For makers on the Business plan, a reduced package rate of 200,000 additional actions per month will cost $10.00.

Source: Adalo Subscription Add-Ons - Adalo Resources

A group of users with bad intentions will make me spend a lot of money. In one day, I realized 1000 actions = in 30 days 30000 actions = an application created for 1 to 2 active users. My disappointment is terrible. I will wait for a response from Adalo support before ending my subscription

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