When will the backend performance improve?

I had implemented a function to display search for digital content by category, but it did not work.
If you try to display a search by a category other than the one you initially set, it won’t show up no matter how long you try.

If the problem is in the backend, this is a big problem for Adalo.
I was quite disappointed as I was working on sales and other activities for commercial use.

Hi Shunki,

Can you provide more details about the problem you encountered? I’m a bit unclear on where the issue is arising.

If you’re searching in Adalo, it only searches the Name field. There are ways to circumvent this, but that’s the standard function. Is that the issue you’re having?

I would like to implement a function to display digital contents of the category selected in the drop-down menu.

It shows up when the drop-down menu is the default value, but not otherwise.
If the first category is “Engineering”.
→When “Engineering” is selected, it works fine, but when other categories are selected, they are not displayed.
At this point, specify “Biology” as the last category, and then exit the preview.
When you open the preview again, the initial value of the category is set to “Biology”. (When the first category is “Biology”)
→When I select “Biology”, it works fine, but when I select another category, it doesn’t show up.

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Sometimes preview retains the information from the last time you used it. That won’t happen in production.

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Is it not displayed because the information remains?
Anyway, I’ve already removed that feature.

The information only remains in preview. I think it’s a chaching bug, so you don’t have to sign in every time.