Whenever anyone signs up for my app it says user email already taken

Because of this issue it is preventing anyone from being able to sign up for my app. I have already checked the users and it says I have 0, yet, whenever I sign up it says user email is already taken. It gets even weirder when the only things you have to fill out to sign up is Name, Username, and Password. So there is no way that user email is already taken because it isnt even one of the options. How do I fix this issue? Thanks!

Hi @Jrs8 ,

Can you take screenshot in related screen and your users collection ?

If all you are doing is normal, this should not happen.

Yes is this what you where looking for?

Hi @Jrs8 ,

my suggestion, change field name to field email, and also check submit button action.

the default for signup and login is using email and password, not username and password

Agreed with this. You need to collect email for password reset.

It worked! Thanks for the help!

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@Erik I marked @Yongki’s response as a solution.

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