While data and interactions are updating in the database, its not showing in the UI

I’m using the Producthunt template as a foundation for the product. While the clicks generate data and interactions in the database, the same does not show up in the frontend UI. How to approach this issue?

Make sure everything is connected correctly, if you connect the database properties correctly with components it’ll show for sure.

Hi @VTMT and welcome to the community :blush:,

Did you check the Auto Refresh parameter in your list’s advanced options?

Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 14.50.02 Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 14.49.46

I want the Upvote button and count on screen(left)+ The symbol button and count on screen(right) work in tandem with each other, if one is pressed, other should be updated as well.

Just tested this with the Adalo built-in previewer and you are right, after voting (Above left screenshot) the vote Count does not auto-update when going back to the main search list (Above right screenshot).

The good news is that this works when previewing in PWA, (Scan the QR code when sharing).

Not sure why this is happening with the previewer :thinking:

Tip 1: You should always preview your app in PWA for the best results.
Tip 2: After scanning the QR code follow the URL and in your browser parameters click on “Add to homescreen” (This will add a shortcut of the PWA version on to your device)

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