White login page

After logging out the app seems to have lost the context of the signed in user and directs me to a white page. I notice now too that the login page no longer works and only the page to signup is visible on the app.

I there a code issue that could be causing this issue?

When checking the console logs it looks like I am receiving a 401 and 404 error when retrieving the data. HAs anyone seen this problem before?

Hey @camwess1,

White screen means that the app has crashed (unless, of course, you direct a user to a screen with white background, status bar off, without any elements on it).
Frequently the reason for app crash can be seen in the console logs. Sometimes it is caused by marketplace components (or custom components), so I’d explore that direction first.

Also it is worthwhile to check if your Welcome and Home screens are correct.

And finally - when you log off, of course the app will loose the context of logged-in user; this is expected behaviour :slight_smile:


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