White screen after Update

So far, my app has been running normally. I made an update on a page in the app and when I wanted to test it in the previewer the screen was suddenly white. I thought I might have forgotten the entry point, but it was set. Even after reloading and resetting the changes made, the screen remained white. And yes - there is data. I absolutely have to have the version checked by Apple, but it will never work with the white screen!

Thank you very much for your time.

I am seeing this as well, I hope it’s just an Adalo issue and will be resolved quickly.

White screen on my PWA as well. No problem in native apk

Ahh perfect then it is just an Adalo issue, which will get patched within the next hours. Thank you very much and good luck with your app ; )

I just made a screenshot of the qr-code for visiting the app on the iPhone.
There is a white screen aswell. This is not the App which got accepted by Apple for the App Store but I am scared that this issue also appears on the real iOS App.

Hey @Eugen @King_junior,

Adalo is working on a fix.

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My apk (native android) is working good. Only web apps have problems

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