White screen when I test with Testflight

I everyone ! I created my app and it’s work great with the PWA version but with Testflight, it’s dont work.

All seems great in Adalo, because it’s work like it need with PWA

Anyone has an idea ?

Hi @devrimdmk,

Does this happened before or started happening today? Maybe a issue with a component you added?

I guess the best here is to Submit a Support Ticket.

Thank you

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Thank you ! With my other apps never this happened. But my actual app every build start with blank screen. I use the Adalo Preloader.

Thank you for your recommandation, I will submit a ticket :wink:

The Pragmaflow one? : Make your App faster with this simple component!

I have heard, that component gives a white screen in IOS. I think it’s not fixed still :no_mouth:. : Make your App faster with this simple component! - #35 by TKOTC

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Bro… You really saved my life ! For your information, the problem was the Adalo preloader from Pragmaflow. Sad, because its a useful component !

Now, my app work well, thank you for your advice! :slight_smile:

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