IOS white screen problem

Hello, we are testing and debugging our apps using both the Google play store and testflight with some internal testers. For android no problem, the app works but with IOS we have a really bad problem.
The app is frozen with a white screen and I can’t do anything, I can log in but then the white screen appears.
I made different build and there is the same problem, what can I do? I am quite worried since we have to lunch the product but without IOS we are …
Thank you!

Hi @Filli

  • First, we don’t have enough information to analyse what could be happening.
  • Second, these type of issues are usually very complex because it involves trying to find the root cause of the issue, that might be in different places of your app

That said, your best option is to open a ticket with Adalo support.

Thank, It seems a lot like that: White screen after Update - #5 by King_junior

First, identify the screen where you’re getting the white screen.

There may be an “on screen” action or a list that causes this error.

Try to fix this by deleting the screen and recreating it. Then, create a new build.

This post’s issue was over a year ago and is probably something different as Adalo has made a lot of changes to their backend since then.

Hello @tbtilton; I had a private component (data pre-loader). I delete that component and then the app worked. Try to check if you have any “strage” component that could cause a crash of the app.

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