Why are my my rectangles growing?

See a picture of how it is supposed to look vs how it is showing up in the previewer. I am only showing one orange rectangle at a time… the one that Is supposed to be showing is the one that the distance slider is currently on top of.

Firstly that’s a pretty cool idea of how to label the image slider.

Problem is hidden elements work in the way that when they’re hidden, their space disappears and something moves in to take it.

You’ll probably need rectangles behind the orange ones that are always visible, to hold the space, and the orange one sits in those.

I will give it a try!

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@theadaloguy so that did fix the issue of it stretching the orange rectangles but now there is a new issue of it not showing the text unless the orange rectangle is showing underneath it. do you have an idea of how to get around this so the text will still show either way?

@theadaloguy I figured it out and fixed that second issue by adding a clear rectangle behind all the text that is always visible… thank you so much for the tip!

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Glad to hear it!