Will YouTube videos take storage size?

Hello guys,

As you know the storage limit of Adalo is 5-20 GB and I am wondering what will happen if I put many YouTube videos in my app?

Will these videos take storage size from the capacity?
Will they be saved inside my app or the app will work as a player only?

The player just links to them, so you should be fine. My app has a significant video component to it, and I’m linking to dozens of Vimeo clips in it ranging from 10 seconds to 10 minutes in length. My app’s Installer is about 48 MB’s.


Many thanks my friend.
Is there a plugin to play vimeo videos in Adalo? Or you use the youtube one?

The native Adalo “PlyrVideo” component actually handles Vimeo clips perfectly. Just paste in Vimeo’s provided URL’s like you would a hosted.MP4 file, and it works like a charm. The only caveat is that you need to be on Vimeo’s “Pro” plan, as it provides you with the video file links you need to pull this off:

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Are you sure there will not be any copyright issues to share vimeo videos in our apps?

I can’t speak to the copyright issues. If you’re not creating original content, that would be between you and the copyright holders. I’m only speaking to the technical capabilities of Adalo and the associated video player.

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