With the share mode (not publish mode), actions are counted?

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I can’t find an answer to my question : It seems that when I share an app to make it clonable for example with the share button at the top of my app, actions are counted if someone flash the QR code of the shared app (that is run in preview mode and not a publish mode).

It’s kinda weird, because the sharing the app is just sharing the preview mode, we can’t consider the application to be in production mode or published and in fact there is not really “end users” behind.

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Documentation: App Actions Dashboard - Adalo Resources

" NOTE: Actions that happen through the Preview mode are not counted towards your usage. This includes clicking the ‘Preview’ button inside of the Adalo editor and taking actions. If you are building a mobile app and you click the ‘Share’ button and are on the page with the phone preview, these actions will not count. If you are building a web app and you click the ‘Share’ button and take actions on your live web app these actions will count."

Hi thx,

I saw the documentation but it’s not clear. It’s a mobile app, click the share app, and use the QR Code, it seems that it counts actions in this case (the app is not published).

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