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I was just wanted to make sure this is something I can do when it comes to roles in Adalo. I created this org chart which will represent the kinds of users that would be using the app.

The admin would create organizations and monitoring capabilities with a dashboard through web app. The admin may have to add many organizations.

Organizations will have the same capabilities as the admin but only for it’s organization. Maybe a dashboard.

Internal Person will need communicate with the student and vice versa. For the students I’m sure there will be 100 of them.

So long story short. I know I can have relationships to the roles. When it comes to having many users what are some things I need to factor in? Any other tips you can offer? Hopefully this all makes sense. Takes for the help!

Hi @bakersdozen,

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In my opinion it’s quite possible to implement the structure you’ve presented, with a bit of adjustments. Here are the relationships:

  1. Admin: Users (1) - Orgs (Many). You will also have to add a T/F property “Is Admin”, so that only a user with this property set to True could create / edit organisations.

  2. Internal Person: Users (Many) - Orgs (1). In Adalo there is no 1:1 relationship. So the best solution would be having many Internal Persons in one Org. From an Internal Person User perspective, you can have an access to Org properties and via it to list of Students in this Org.
    Having a T/F property “Internal Person” is optional and may depend on the app functionality and logical flow. Although this property could be useful to “route” the user to a certain app section.

  3. Students: Users (Many) - Orgs (1). This is a simple one.

Hope this helps.


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