Working With Income To Users Database

Hello all!
So, in Adalo today, I am just trying to figure this out:

  1. In the form, allow the user to select their Level of Income and Line of Credit, like right here:

Once the user has selected their income level, it should only show certain lines of credit based on their income.

Now, a great person here yesterday (shoutout to @dilon_perera ) helped me figure out how to make them into a dropdown menu before signing the user up. Still, I cannot figure out how to make a proper database that checks, for example:

User 1: Income of $1000-$2000, $3000-$4000, and $5000-$6000.
Then the next dropdown before signing up, the user should show they can choose Line of Credit 1, 2, 3 or all of them depending on their income.

Is this even possible through Adalo alone?
Thank you to anyone who can give me some advice, pointers or help.
I have tried this with relationships to Users, Line of Credit and Income, tried several variations, even ones that made no sense and am just banging my head against the wall at this point. And no, this is not for a live app. I need to understand the databases and their relationships better, and I have watched all the videos so far.


Edit - For visual sake, here is what I am trying to accomplish, except if I choose Income Level 1, I should only be able to choose Line of Credit 1 or 2, not 3.

Welcome to the head banging club.

It should be possible with one form. don’t know how. although, I thought I remember seeing a video on it. Hopefully someone will chime in with an answer for you.

In the meantime, as a possible work-around, I would try making a separate form / screen for each question. In that way, it might be easy for you to work out the relationships. YEah, sounds ridiculous, I know. But, it may not look that bad, and work well, depending on what you’re doing.

Hang in there

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Yeah, it’s driving me mad! Haha.

So I made an edit that you might not have seen. I could try a separate screen, but I already have what I need to be accomplished via the dropdown menus. I just need to say “Credit Line 3” greyed out or not available to choose before signing up because the user is in the lowest income level, level 1 like so:

If you can’t find an answer soon, seriously, just try it. It should be quick.
If user selects income L1, go to screen 1
If user selects income L2, go to screen 2

I wish I could remember where the tutorial is… (having hundreds of searchable video tutorials that are short, and to the exact point / problem I am solving, like this situation, would be an incredible resource)

*cough cough… clear throat …@adalo

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I see where you are going with that, I think…

Do you mean a Modal? That would be a trigger notification or transition to another screen and have nothing to do with eliminating options based on the database alone.

Or was it something else? I am stumped.

I found it @spragginsdesigns

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Thank you! I’ll take a look and see if this helps.
I actually ended up leaving the income where the signup page is, and giving the Line of Credit option several new screens like this, and now it is busted:

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Bang your head on the wall again, delete, coffee break, watch video, redo.

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Hi @spragginsdesigns ,

Check this cloneable app,

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 6.19.18 AM


Oh good, I’m not just insane haha.

Oh wow! Thank you!!

I am just trying to figure out what you did to make this work.
I never thought of adding an entire collection just for a relationship or several, or even thought that was possible. I guess I was banging my head against the wall too much to notice, haha.

I think this is the solution, I need to get it working on my side, and then I know I can mark the solution, and I would like to finish the nested video above.

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You already got the solution from Yongki.

All the best!

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He has a cloneable app, but it doesn’t show how the relationships work so I can see how they work. I cannot even replicate it yet, I must suck that bad.

Hello, I would make two databases

  1. income 100/200, 200/300, etc.
  2. Credits

income a relationship with credits, that is credit 2% is only possible for income of 100/200
then you add a dropdown menu of INCOME and below you put the dropdown menu credit with visibility (it is only seen when income is not equal to empty)
then you must filter dropdown menu credits only the credits that are from the same income appear

When you create a credit, does it tell you what income you want to add it to? 100/200, 300/400, etc.

then every time you select 100/200 the credits that are saved under that income will appear


Thank you, @dilon_perera. You worked hard to use the clone of my main app to answer this question and several more. I still am looking at understanding more of what you did, but I can tell you right now the solution to this specific answer because of what you have taught me that I managed to learn.

Still, if you want Dilon, summarize what you did so I can give you the solution you sincerely deserve tenfold as you have answered so many forum topic questions on this forum this weekend that deserves a massive highlight for the community if you agree.

I did it like this :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

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That was tremendous work. Thank you for showing all the relationships and the database in one video, too. I am now changing a bunch or trying to fix all the vulnerabilities in this app now, haha. My Kali Linux brain went off so many times when seeing this app being made, and after it was 99% done.

I’m just trying to get the username or email on the Accepted | Declined Screen list. I already figured out how to make both the Accepted and Declined buttons on the Admin Panel show. It would make more sense to have both available first, instead of approving a client request first then declining it.

I then added an Employee ID at the Signup screen. And I’m letting the user input their income first. I need to have the employee update their payment via a request instead of exploiting the app. But I need to dig deeper into how you made the Requests, to begin with.

Oh, and lastly, I made the “Add Credit Popup” modal two dropdowns of “Select your line of credit request” and “select your installment” because that was another cyber security risk.

They could change their income and then get more credit. I am basically now going back and seeing if I can patch all of the exploitable areas while learning what you did. Plus, I kept growing the idea of this further.

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