Xano - Update Logged In User via Native Adalo Form

The native Adalo form cannot be used for updating the logged in user, we must use custom forms.
I have a long list of boolean toggles in the user table to update, so this will mean an excess of actions. Since each toggle update counts as an action.

Here is a workaround…

Create another set of endpoints in Xano for the user table, ‘user’ is a reserved word in the Adalo / Xano integration so I have used u_dummy
GET All, GET/id, POST/id

For security on the endpoints set all filters to auth.id

You need a list button in Adalo of u_dummy (because it is filtered to auth.id in Xano, it will return one record).

Link that button to your update screen and here you can have a native Adalo form that uses one Action to update your record (two if you count the extra button needed).

I hope this helps somebody