Yoga Studio Booking App (Peculiar Yogi)

Hi all, after working on our yoga studio booking app for about a month, we’re finally releasing it for beta testing for our yogis!

After beta testing for about a week or two, we’ll push it to Test Flight for iOS and Google Play Dev Console for the next round of beta testing. If all goes well, we’ll eventually push it as an official app for our virtual yoga studio on iOS and Android app stores!

Anyway, enough about us, please feel free to play around, sign up for a free account (new users get a free class credit to try a class with any of our instructors!), navigate around, or even visit our website.

At the user level, there are 3 types - students/yogis, instructors, and admin(s)

Features/Functions of the current app (for users)

  • View class schedule without signing up for an account
  • Profile set up upon signing up for an account, and a requirement accept a liability waiver
  • Buy class packs that add credits with credit expiry to the user’s account to book classes
  • Class schedule with booking function, book button will change to “BOOKED” if it detects that the user has already booked the class
  • Filters for the class schedule according to instructors and class types
  • Class cancellations to get class credit back, but late cancels are not eligible for refunds
  • Users can submit testimonials to specific instructors and instructors can approve testimonials
  • Class types list and individual class type details pages, clickable to send filter to schedule page
  • Email notifications done with custom actions, sent using Sendinblue’s SMTP API


  • Approve testimonials from students
  • See upcoming and past classes, view students enrolled, remove or add students (that only belong to them)
  • An overview of classes and attendance
  • Buy heavily discounted class credits to support other instructors and attend their classes


  • Admin can send announcements, which is accessible by all users via their profiles
  • View every class attendance
  • Approve testimonials

…And many more.

For those curious about how many screens there are, here’s a screenshot of the screens in the backend!

Any feedback or ideas are welcome! And I hope this could give fellow Adalolites some inspiration and ideas of what’s possible in Adalo :slight_smile:


Nice work @vancewong!

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Very nice, congrats and good luck in this Adalo Odissey :). I am curious to how long it took you to develop this? :).

Hey @sebastas, thanks for checking it out :slight_smile:

From the start to the current product, about 1 month+. But I only have time to work on this during weekends.

The time consuming part is not the designing, but more of the logic solving and workflows.

There’s a fair bit of figuring custom actions out also, but not too bad once you get the hang of it.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll share our progress in this thread. We’re going to push it out on Google Play Store first while waiting for our Apple Dev license to get approved.

Excited to launch our first app :smiley:

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Awesome, that was really Agile ;). I am developing an booking app also but for restaurants. Let’s see if I do it under one month haha. All the best, will definitely be following the progress.

All the best to you too! Please do share your restaurant booking app when it’s ready :slight_smile:

Nice to see this launched @vancewong! It’s looking great!

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Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile: Faced some slight issues with the build when uploading on Google Play Console.

Sent the issues in a support ticket, but after some research, it shouldn’t be too major to fix.

Will wait for your team to respond with possible solutions and advice!


Latest update — it’s on Google Play Store for open beta testing :slight_smile:

Working on getting it out on iOS App Store too.

Please feel free to download and try it out!

It’s out on App Store now too :slight_smile:


Hello @vancewong !
Congratulations for the app! :clap:

Can you give a hint on how you make the magic works for the scheduled classes: how to filter the data according to a temporal condition?
Thank you!

Hey @ionutilie, thank you :slight_smile:

I can reveal any parts of how I made the app work the way it is, no problem.

What do you mean scheduled classes? And filter the data according to what temporal condition?

If you’re asking about how the classes are displayed by day, I did it by manually separating the schedule into days.

The first list you see is any class that starts 5 minutes from now to tomorrow. The second list is any class that starts from tomorrow to 2 days later, and so on.

Hope this helps!

I’ve implemented another cleaner way for the schedule - that update will be out in a week or so. You can check that out later on :slight_smile:

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Thank you @vancewong !


Heyy, looks like a tedious job. congrats on that.
I downloaded the app on my iphone, registered as a user and tried to surf around. However, the app kicks me out randomly every few minutes after. I run the app again and it kicks me out again. What is the problem?

Thanks! Hey, looks like you managed to get through. I’ve set up an email verification requirement for users, so that’s most likely the culprit for preventing you from moving on.

Dear @vancewong ,
I did not understand your explanation, thinking that I was not clear enough, I would like to repeat my problem here again. Please note:
Currently the app is installed on my iphone, I have signed up, my email is confirmed, I can login to the app. However, whatever action I take on the menu, (eg. surfing or clicking any item in the menu etc.) the app kicks me out of the session, the app is closed and I have to reload the app again and retry again and again. I could not make a single full session of exploring the features on the app. There is a stability problem with the app.
My questions are:

  • Is this app not mature yet?
  • Or is it a problem with the Adalo infrastructure, or the hosting company?
    Thanking you in advance for your full explanation asap.

Great app, i can’t get to get trough the select birth date, as it somehow freezes there.

Otherwise, super great app. I’m also about to develop an app but is finding it difficult to solve the logic and database problems, is there a great place to learn that?


Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile:

The date picker for the birthdate is a slight bug for all Adalo apps, I’m presuming. You just have to tap anywhere outside that field and it should be fine.

For logic and database problems, it’s really down to trial and error, and reading what others have shared on this forum.

Every app is unique in its own right and I think what each of us can share is just specific functions that we’ve built for our own apps. You probably have to adapt those to your own use case and app. Hope that helps :slight_smile: