Your construction projects at a glance

Hi there,

the app is in German but could be ported to other languages quite easy.
Reason for this app was/is my own “side project” aka building a house and coordinating all different construction companies, document issues and progress as well as have a brief overview of the overall costs vs. estimated budget.

Therefore the idea of Mein Haus / My House was born.

Current features are:

  • multiple projects
  • single tasks per craftsman
  • upload/download of progress or defect images as well as documents (drafts, invoice,…)
  • cost diagram per task
  • cost comparison vs project budget
  • craftsman contact overview and direct dial

So far I’ve got >120 active users within 1 week (without advertising), with already more than 100 created projects and ~150 tasks. Seems like a good fit to the German speaking (house builder) market.

iOS: ‎Mein Haus im App Store