New Accountant Studio App

Hi everyone :wave:
I’ve just completed another app for a client, but this time was published on my developer account.

This is a simple application for a private accountant, created to facilitate communication between staff and customers.

The Android application is structured like this:

• Access is allowed only after receiving an email from the studio with the code.

• Users can create their own profile, update it and log out

• On the home screen it is possible to consult the circulars and download them as PDFs, view the study calendar and related deadlines, connect to the partner portal and view the information of the study

• There is a chat section provided by Crisp, with which the client can chat in real time with the studio

• The other screen allows you to receive feedback from customers on the app

• An admin section allows the studio staff to completely manage the app and send push notifications to customers

Android :

Screenshots :

Let me know what you think and maybe I will post a clonable kit soon :v:


Clean & beautiful UI, @Eugen! Great work! :tada:

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Thank you for the kind words :blush:

Nice work!
Can you tell me how you did the chat part?
I understand how the database should be organized but I don’t know how you did the background of a message to be responsive and sized exactly the same size as the text instead of it always being a big rectangle.

Hi, thank you. That chat is only a webview linked to #1 Business Messaging Platform For Startups & SMB's - Crisp
It works good!

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Looks great Eugen.

About Crisp. When I have integrated in iOS builds via webview it crashes the app. Haven’t tried android yet. Will there be an iOS build of your app? Would be interested to hear if you have the same issue.

Hi Rozza, thank you.
Yes, on iOS is not working, that’s why I only published on android until I find a solution

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Thanks for the info. Please let me know if you find a solution, I will be working on it in a few weeks time. Will let you know what I find too.

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Hi Rozza, I didn’t find a solution yet for Crisp on iOS. I’m gonna look for a different service I guess