Kooban - Manage your project with your team

Hi everyone.

Few months ago, I was an adalo-newbie, and now I’m more comforta¨ble with this powerful tool.

I created like 8 apps, all free with ads. But this time I wanted to create something bigger… and more interesting :slight_smile:

And I present you Kooban ! A little tool app for iOS ( soon Android ) that let developers, teams, everyone manage their project and share with other.

Tools available in Kooban:

· Add projects
· List or map view
· Advance Online Overview
· List of ideas related to each project
· Files linked to each project
· Notes and comments also related to each project
· Each member of a project can add ideas, files, notes or comments
· Instant messaging system for communicating with a member
· Group messaging system to communicate with all project members
· Apple account connection possible
· No ads. No in-app purchase. No subscription.
· Unlimited file storage*
· No data collected!

This is my first paid app, and if someone has some advice, I took them :wink:

There is some image and the link if someone want to test

Download here :slight_smile:
Kooban - Project Management on the App Store (apple.com)

Thank you everyone for the very good community and thanks to the Adalo team for the greatest tool ever !


Solid! Good for you!

  1. What resources did you use to learn Adalo?

  2. Feedback:
    Video screen capture of your app in use, is extremely helpful for many reasons; may want to think about doing that.

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You may also want to look for ways to improve your copy / grammar.

But, great Job!

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Thank you for your advice bro!

I used the tutorial on Youtube, especially the official Adalo account, and @adaloguy. And I used like 4 months and create little apps helped me a lot !

Yes, I know for my copy grammar error, I’m not english native but french. It’s not the easiest part for me :frowning:

Thank you so much ! Don’t hesitate if you have some question for your projects, I will help you if I have some time :slight_smile:


Just copy thoughts/ feedback:

  1. Check the copy of similar apps; perhaps Monday, Trello, Slack, Evernote … many others.

  2. Your 3rd & 4th screen shots both use “Progess” - One time is enough

  3. In general, for your screen shot copy, consider following this pattern:
    Feature (on top - big font)
    Benefit (on bottom - small font)

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Thank you for your very precious advice, especially for my screenshots and the text ( your 3. advice )

Honestly, I created these design in the heat of the moment haha :wink: I will change that for sure!

Oui, Oui!

You’re welcome.

Don’t sweat it.
Sometimes it’s even more difficult because you’re writing copy for your own app.
It can be a struggle. I get it. :wink:

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For sure, it’s the most difficult part :wink:

Wow. Very nice :slight_smile:

One question: are the free apps with ads go in effort vs income per user ratio? :slight_smile: thinking of make some ad based apps too

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Thank you !

For information, with Google Admob I earn aproximately 6$ / 1000 view. And totally all my apps make me around 150$ each month.

That’s good but not too much for 8 apps. My biggest problem is having a big amount of daily users. That’s the most important thing.

What I added in some apps, is a in-app payment for disable ads, with conditionnal visibility :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.

If you need something don’t hesitate to message me :slight_smile:

Very interesting and clean design. Are you planning to launch on Android also? I would like to test it out


Thank you very much !

Yes, now I work on the Android one :wink: Launched in few days :slight_smile:


Hi everyone !

I updated Kooban - Project Management with a brand new UI and optimization. You can see updating UI here :point_down:

• White and Dark Mode with Switch in setttings
• New french native version (separated app)
• You can add a project to your favourites
• You can now revoke an user from your shared projects
• More clear interface with translucent appbar

You can see details here :point_down:

I updated my app Kooban - Project Management - App Showcase - Adalo

Hi everyone !

My app is now available for Android users here :point_down:

Kooban – Applications sur Google Play

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Tu viens d’où ? Je suis français aussi et ton travail est exceptionnel ! on pourrait discuter ensemble si tu veux :wink:

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Hello je suis de Suisse ! Volontiers que l’on peut discuter ici ou par mail devrimdmk@gmail.com :pray:

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Thank you for your advice !

For now it’s a paid app, but I see around to update my business model. I will note your idea, I think is very interessant. I don’t want to add ads in my app because I think entrepreneur need to be focus on their projects, that’s why my app is paid. But I will change this soon !

Thank you again for your advice