Adalo 'component': Text Input ---- IF number entered starts with zero (0), the zero gets ignored when sent via Custom Action to Make/Integromat


The 'Text Input’ component has different types. I’m having two questions:

  1. What is the difference between types ‘Number’, 'Normal, and ‘Password’? (screenshot below)

  2. I have a screen where I have a Text Input that captures a 4-digit code (screenshot below).
    When the user enters the 4-digit code it works fine in Adalo and Make/Integromat (where I use Twilio Verify module to send the code via SMS text) as long as the code doen’t start with zero (example: if code is 0123, In Make I see Custom Action in Adalo only sends 123). I’m using type “Number”, so wondering what to expect if I change to “Normal” or “Password”, or any other suggestion how Adalo to force sending the zero (e.g. to send 0123)?

Thanks in advance for any input or suggestion.

Hi, the problem is not in input it’s on the database property you’re using to store the validation code, you should use “text” properties for codes because they’re basically strings, you won’t be performing calculations with’em, so do that and put the input type as normal, that’ll save you some headache,

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Hey there @sweetapp21

If you’re using the RAND() function, you can start with 1111 to prevent a number from starting with zero. Specifically you can use RAND(1111,9999) to generate a random 4-digit number between 1111 and 9999.

Alternatively, Abracadalo has an API function called “Padding” that can force the leading zero. String API | Abracadalo API Handbook

About the inputs…
“Normal” allows letters, numbers, and special characters
“Number” only allows numbers
“Password” allows letters, numbers, and special characters but it hides the characters from being visible when typed.

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Thank you @Benalihoussam , that should do it!

Thanks @Flawless I’m trying to use Make (and Twilio Verify) so for now I’m not using “RAND” (). P.S. never heard of it Abracadalo, thanks for sharing

@Benalihoussam @Flawless I’m having related issue but it’s totally separate topic (related to the Usrs collections) in case your familiar with it? Any input would very much appreciate: # MY FORUM POST (2022-04-13) —- ‘Users’ collection (default to any app) —— can I create (add) a record from a 3rd party service via API?

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