2 linked apps, new collections not showing on both


I’ve got 2 apps with linked collections. One is a “dashboard for administrators” (=me) and the other is for the users. I want to be able to trigger notifications from my admin panel and that they show up to the users of the “user app”, not the “users of the admin panel” (=me).

Since the built-in notification feature doesn’t allow this I tried finding a workaround by creating a shared collection for “notifications”.

New problem: When I add a new collection to the admin app, it doesn’t show up in the “user app”. Do I have to use an external DB connection for this??

Thanks for your help.

Hi @thib ,

Quite a strange case.

First, it is possible to send Push notifications to the other apps, which share the same DB. Please see the thread here: iOS Notifications - Getting Set Up

Second, if 2 apps share the same DB - then the new table in one app should be available in the 2nd app instantly.

So what you could check is:

  • if you had 2 app editors open, even with 2 different apps but which share the same DB - that could be the cause of the glitch (I’ve lost couple of hours of work once - the other window kind of “overwritten” all the DB changes).
  • you need to check if these apps really share the same DB
  • and if you’re sure that all is correct on your side, I would suggest submitting a support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.

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Try to create new database in FIRST app, then you can use the database in second app :slight_smile:

Hi @oper2k ,

Just my 2 cents - I’m not sure this will help. As far as I know, there is no requirement to create DB collections only in the FIRST app.
I’ve just checked one of my projects, created the new collection in one of the later apps - it has immediately became available in all other apps.


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I’ve just try created database in second app and I don’t see this database in first app. After that I try to created the database in first app and I saw this database in second app

strange things :slight_smile:

Hi @oper2k ,

I hope that you did not do that in a 2 pages/tabs, open at the same time for both apps? The effects you’ve seen might be caused by this.


Thanks for your answers.
I checked and strangely the collections do not seem connected anymore.
“Anymore”, because I’m 100% sure they were in the past… How is that possible? How can I reconnect them?
I don’t want to start over ^^

Thanks for your help.

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