iOS Notifications - Getting Set Up

Is there anything particular you need to do to activate notifications on iOS?

I have ‘requested permission’ on the page load (this is showing in Mixpanel as triggering) and selected “Push Notifications” when configuring the app on App Store Connect.

Should the notifications work on TestFlight? Is there any configuration required elsewhere to make them come through? I don’t seem to be able to get them to work.

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We’re currently working on adding support for notifications through Zapier, which should also make it possible to do notifications with mixpanel as well. Currently the only way to trigger notifications is with a notification action in Adalo.

Thanks Zach - that’s actually what I’m asking - I am using the “trigger notification” in Adalo, Mixpanel is showing it as working, I’ve allowed notifications when the app asks for permission, but there are no notifications- hence the questions about at what stage I should expect to be able to see them (preview/TestFlight/Live)?

You should have push notifications available at the TestFlight stage. It does seem we are having some issues automatically assigning certificates though, so if you could send me your appId(s) for the app(s) you need push notifications for, we can fix that for you.

To get your appId you can grab it from your url:

Thanks again Zach,

That could well be the issue - what’s the best way to send these? It doesn’t seem to be possible to DM you?

Replying here is fine!

To anyone that has stumbled across this - a few notes (correct at Jan 2020):

  • the logged in user cannot trigger a notification to the logged in user - eg, you cannot test by sending yourself a notification! Create a ‘test’ account with a different email address and use that one to test your notifications.
  • If you are running more than one app from the same database, when you choose the ‘screen’ for the notification, you can scroll to the bottom and choose other apps which share the database - the app which will show the notification is the app which owns whichever screen you choose - eg, for an Uber-style app, you could notify the driver in the driver’s app and the rider in the rider’s app…
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Thanks for sharing! :raised_hands:

Unfortunately this only seems to work between mobile apps, not between a web app and a mobile app (that share the same database).

Use case: trigger a notification to mobile app users from an admin web app.

@zachbharris is there a way to accomplish this?

You should totally be able to with a shared database!

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My web app and my mobile app do share the same database… but I don’t have the option to point a notification to a screen of the mobile app from the web app.

Are you trying to send a notification from a user to the same user? If so, that isn’t possible. They would have to be two different users.

Hey Zach, no, I’m trying to send the notification to a segment of users, not a specific one.

Figured it out! They were not in fact sharing the same database, and the reason is pretty sneaky:

When creating an app, if you select a template to start from instead of starting from scratch, sharing the database with another of your apps will NOT work, even though you did specify in the advanced option that you wanted to. I understand the reason, but then the UX here is a bit broken @zachbharris, maybe you guys can show on alert when this scenario occurs :slight_smile:


Good to know, will definitely make a note of this. Thanks for letting us know @Lucien!

Hello M. Harris,

have the same issu here with the push notification, in the test flight
what can we do

thank you

See previous message. Or you can email

Hey @zachbharris are we able to push thru Zapier yet? Do you have a time frame for when this may become possible?

@jca that’s not yet available. Likely a few months away.

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You can push through Zapier now:

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Great spot @ldyer - this is where Adalo starts to get REALLY exciting!