[2022 Q1 CONTEST] Win $500, 3 months of Pro, and a meeting with Andrew Gazdecki, CEO of MicroAcquire

I’m excited to announce our first contest of the year!

This contest is sponsored by MicroAcquire, an acquisition marketplace. Get free and instant access to 100,000+ trusted buyers. Big or small, get your startup acquired at the maximum price in as little as 30 days.

The prize is $500, a 1 hour video call with MicroAcquire’s CEO Andrew Gazdecki, and three free months of Pro.

To enter the contest, submit a post to this thread with the following.

  1. Describe your app in three sentences or less.
  2. Submit your existing apps preview link or app store link.
  3. Submit a link to a pitch deck for why you should be acquired.

Contestants can submit as many applications as they want.

Contest ends March 31st.

Good luck!


I’ll go first then,

Tweety is an all in one Twitter learning tool that allows users to learn and practice what they’ve learned seamlessly in one place.

Link to app preview: Tweety

Link to pitch deck:Tweety Pitch Deck | Piktochart Visual Editor