[2022 Q1 CONTEST] Win $500, 3 months of Pro, and a meeting with Andrew Gazdecki, CEO of MicroAcquire

I’m excited to announce our first contest of the year!

This contest is sponsored by MicroAcquire, an acquisition marketplace. Get free and instant access to 100,000+ trusted buyers. Big or small, get your startup acquired at the maximum price in as little as 30 days.

The prize is $500, a 1 hour video call with MicroAcquire’s CEO Andrew Gazdecki, and three free months of Pro.

To enter the contest, submit a post to this thread with the following.

  1. Describe your app in three sentences or less.
  2. Submit your existing apps preview link or app store link.
  3. Submit a link to a pitch deck for why you should be acquired.

Contestants can submit as many applications as they want.

Contest ends March 31st.

Good luck!


I’ll go first then,

Tweety is an all in one Twitter learning tool that allows users to learn and practice what they’ve learned seamlessly in one place.

Link to app preview: Tweety

Link to pitch deck:Tweety Pitch Deck | Piktochart Visual Editor


Quos is an online “Operating System” where you can upload websites as apps and add them to your homescreen! This app also lets you call your friends and is supported on all devices (Vr headsets included) as long as it has a browser of some sort:

Phone Version: Quos
Normal Version: Quest Os


A subscription-based service that allows you to learn about entrepreneurship using Adalo.

We have created an online learning service. This template will help you with many online learning services.

Start from Stage1 of World1 and proceed to World8, which is the last stage. It is possible to proceed like Super Mario.




You can login with the above.

Website created. It is in Japanese, but I hope you will enjoy reading it.

If you have any questions, please contact me for a reply.

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MyBubble is a family app designed to keep all of your families memories and communication in one place. We at MyBUBBLE know how hard it is to visit and share milestones in these busy times. With MyBUBBLE you can post updates on your wall, share milestones, upcoming calendar events, text and video chat with anyone in your Bubble.





Hey Jesse, here’s my entry:

  1. Our startup, byegwaai, (“gwaai” is South African slang for cigarette) is an app-based smoking cessation program built by a doctor and an economist to help South Africans access a quality and personalised quitting program. We use a combination of telemedicine, cognitive behavioural therapy and behavioral economics frameworks to provide a structured approach to quitting smoking.

  2. Our app’s links can be found here:
    Adalo previewer: byegwaai
    iOS App Store: ‎byegwaai on the App Store
    Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.byegwaai.android

  3. Link to our pitch deck/partner presentation: Dropbox - byegwaai partner presentation March 2022.pdf - Simplify your life

Despite quite a steep learning curve for me being from a non-technical background (I’m a medical doctor by training), I’ve found using Adalo and other no-code tools to be really powerful for creating our solution to the major problem that is helping smokers quit. With Adalo still in it’s (relative) infancy, I can’t wait to see what else Adalo has in store for the future.

Looking forward to getting feedback from you guys and hopefully being a contender for the grand prize!

For more info you can find our website at www.byegwaai.co.za (built on Webflow) and if you’d like to get in touch you can reach me at drkieranmcleod@byegwaai.co.za or drkieranmcleod@gmail.com.




Studoglasnik is a marketplace for students living in student dorms. Students can choose their dorm and see listings from other students from that same dorm, as well as publish their own listings. When students find listings they are interested in, they can contact the owner via in-app messaging function.

Website - https://www.studoglasnik.com/
It says new users can only post 2 links per post, so link to app store and google play store app link can be found on the website above.

Pitch Deck - STUDOGLASNIK-PITCH_DECK.pdf - Google Drive

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  1. Bloc is an app for both high schools and colleges/universities which enhances connectivity, engagement, and involvement among students, faculty, staff, and local businesses. By using the app, students are unconsciously improving their mental health and supporting the community around them. It has been developed over 2 years through receiving feedback from larger sized schools (such as Mizzou), medium sized schools (such as WashU in STL), and smaller sized schools (such as Wartburg College).

  2. https://bloc.waysidesanford.com/

  3. https://www.canva.com/design/DAE8M_6NTfw/0ZS-KREyrL_iLuztNEYMlQ/view?utm_content=DAE8M_6NTfw&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link2&utm_source=sharebutton


Hi @jessehaywood ,

this is my project:


This APP is very useful for all electric microvehicles users such e-scooters, Electricunicycle and e-bikes.
Using this APP they can find and share place where recharge their vheicle and in the same time eat something with other users.
But there are more features to develop.
This is just a MVP to see some features.
Link to the PWA:

Register with real phone number (without that you can’t recieve the SMS with One-Time-Password) and play with the app.
The data are real.
The follow is the link to the pitch:

WheelCharge Pitch

Thank you.


Description: A transcription app for meetings, audio messages, and podcasts. Upload your audio file and receive an email with the transcription. Monetized through a subscription and in-app purchases
Over 300k downloads and recurring revenue source.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.axelvincent.transcriber

Link to pitch deck: Write This For Me - March 2022 - Google Slides


Help local businesses make recurring revenue: An app that allows people to subscribe to their local coffee or juice shop.
The software manages the subscription experience end-to-end for both customers and the business: Customers choose what they want to subscribe to (e.g. Juice subscription or unlimited drip) and they get charged automatically every month. They can redeem their subscription from inside the PWA and the order arrives at the shop’s POS, helping businesses have predictable income in uncertain times is now easy.

Link: https://made-with-love.subport.us/

Pitch site: https://subport.us/ and Subport Introduction Brochure.pdf - Google Drive


Hi @jessehaywood and everyone! Thanks for hosting an awesome contest.

Here is my entry:

Stew is insightful questions that spark self-discovery. Allowing us to think internally and focus on the root cause of anger to become better human beings.

Stew offers journal prompts, immersive nature sounds, self-care challenges, notes, and breathwork techniques.

Download / Preview Links:

iOS = ‎Stew: Anger Management Journal on the App Store

Android = https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.angrystew.android

Web = Stew ��

Demo Account:
user: adalo@a.com
Password: 123

Pitch deck = https://www.canva.com/design/DAE8g92fHqI/a8DFEk9UxS931VAPjQrIKQ/view

If any issues with links, let me know.

Thank you so much and good luck to everyone!



Pitch - Funds for Fun!

  1. Description:
    With Pitch, you can now plan and fund parties, concerts, festivals, vacations, or whatever you please. Pitch is fast, universal, and flexible - ensuring everyone pays their fair share on time so that you can focus on having fun!

  2. Link(s)
    https://app.pitch.fun/ (In Development) or https://get.pitch.fun/ (Legacy)

  3. Deck:


This was such a great competition! I loved seeing all the entries flood in last minute. Thank you to everyone who participated. We will be doing more contests like these, so be on the lookout for the next one.

And the winner is… :drum:

@kieranmcleod with the Byegwaai app! Congratulations :partying_face: DM incoming.


Congratulations Kieran ! :partying_face:

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