What types of contests would you want to participate in?

We have monthly contests for the most solutions and most likes receive. We have our first quarterly contest where you can win $500, a meeting with Andrew Gazdecki, and 3 months of Pro by submitting an app you’ve made on Adalo along with a pitch deck. I am going to do three more quarterly contests this year and I’d like your input. What are some contest ideas you would like to participate in?


How about most comments?

I put out quite a few comments to help others, and while they arent always the solution, it tends to get others thinking and other commenting to find a solution.


I would probably like a “who can build the best Adalo app challenge”. Not so I can win, but to see what apps the community can build. :slight_smile:


I like it! This may be a good one to add to the monthly contest.

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That’s kind of what the MicroAquire one is. How would you differentiate it?

How about Group Contests?

Like which group build the best app, which group get the most solutions. (Team Work :facepunch: )

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I like what @James_App_Maker 's idea, this will show the world what kind of apps that can be built, some hesitations can be answered.

The judges should be Adalo’s employees at first then the community, not other party, no need to compared to other no code tools or even coded apps.

We are here for just Adalo’s own capabilities.