3rd Party API -> Custom List > Show no results found

Curious how to show something like “No Results Found” when using a 3rd Party API Custom List.

Sample query for list (this query works fine as a custom collection with a username parameter):

"showid": "82",
"name": "A New Beginning",
"host": "Greg Laurie",
"imgurl": "B2nQy5T09sVW4qoKN73tzM1cDHwav8.png"

I made this sample query to retrieve the current favorite count (if necessary)

"total": "1"

If the count total is 0, I want to display a message on the screen. Not sure how to handle that.

Update: I noticed that the results of a custom action are not available if you do the custom action running as the user enters the screen, only as the result of a button press or something like that.

Is this the intended behavior? It would be SO NICE to be able to use the results when the user enters the screen. I can get around this for now.

Hi @ncmarc, I just tested this using a External collection and it works as expected with conditional visibility.

When External collection’s Count=0 then this element is visible.

This would also work using Custom Actions as with your response Object, you can create a record in a Custom collection.

When Custom collection’s Count=0 then this element is visible.

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@Devops My hack solution: I just updated the count in my user table after a user favors a show.

Problem: When using an external collection and visibility, there is no option to pass query parameters like you can in the custom list. I need to pass username and action for example.

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Nice workaround :clap:,

Yes, you can technically pass a dynamic parameter in your External collection with the list’s filter but it depends on your endpoint.


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