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I started using Adalo recently and I am starting a project shortly. This project needs these features and a couple of them are mandatory. So I want to know if there are workarounds or tricks to implement these features in Adalo somehow. If I have missed out obvious features that are already present in Adalo, please point them out as well.

  1. Third party sign up - Google sign up or Sign up/sign in with Phone numbers with OTPs
  2. Getting a user’s location and showing results based on the location.
  3. Payment System called Razorpay from India. Can we somehow call external APIs through custom javascript?

I can tell you that you can call an API using custom actions. The last bit that was handling the return of the call came into place this week. You’ll have to experiment with the API you want to use.

Just this week I used this feature to talk to OpenWeather and get climate information.

All these features can be added if you find a proper custom api

Hi @draspavkiev welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, there is no native way of implementing these yet. They are all highly requested features and you can add your vote to them at the following links.

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