Why did I leave Adalo and go to another platform?

Hi everyone,

Hello all,

I know this topic will be deleted, but I hope that as many people as possible will read it and hopefully they will benefit.

First I apologize if my English is a bit bad.

Initially, I met Adalo through YouTube for the first time. I liked it and the way it was designed and worked as well. This was two years ago now.

I gave it a try and it really works, and it’s easy.

I have developed several applications for my clients. Approximately 8 applications.

Everything was fine until customers started calling me from all sides and telling me “we want our money back.” This app is completely bad and does not work for anything, it is slow and sometimes takes minutes to complete the appearance of some pages.

I went to see the apps I created and was surprised that the apps were “literally” dead, slow, and unusable.

My first option was to contact Adalo’s support team so they might be able to help me with something.

But to my surprise, they couldn’t help me with anything, and I lost about $11,000. In this.

Now, there are “cases” against me in court that I am developing “unusable” applications and committing fraudulent practices.

But that was not my intention.
I wasn’t planning to defraud anyone.
But, Adalo planned it.

They deceive you
apps will be slow, and dead.

You will pay your money, for nothing.


And thank you all, thank you for your time.

I hope this negative experience happened BEFORE their speed updates. This is really unethical.

I really want Adalo to succeed. Shame. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Your English is impressive, and I’m sure it will only get better. Keep it up!

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Do you search an alternative?

At first, thanks for your reply Toddy.

Let me tell you that they can’t speed it up, Because when you build apps using Adalo it only use components and actions it must connect to Adalo servers to be done.

Second, even you build your apps there’s no privacy fpr your app and anyone in Adalo team can see and change and copy anything happens inside your apps.

You are going to pay money for, bad apps and slow, No support team with you, no privacy and there’s a lot problems I can’t count it all.

Yes for sure.

I wrote you

Just to make a note here,

Low code is more like code generator and if it uses another cloud service for storage, that storage cloud provider team can also have access to the content of the storage, given they have relevant permissions.

No code is an engine that needs to be centralized to function properly, as it receive commands and deliver results according to the engine rules.

@YousefAbubaker , glad that you came back and open another thread, as I remembered the last thread you were asking to be closed.

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Can you check out FlutterFlow?

is it No-Code too, but native app + privacy + fast + more cheap plans.

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 3.50.02 PM

I like FF too and I am sure many others like that too.

Pointing the difference is my intent.