Not getting appropriate help using customer service

I tried to get in touch with customer service bu I believe the person providing the customer support does not like providing customer support so I decided to post here instead of begging her for an answer.

I will paste my question below as well as her answer.

"Hi there,

I hope you are well. I need your help with some API related issues I’m facing.

Currently I’m trying to build an automation using Integromat (make).

When a form is submitted in Adalo I sent the data via webhook but I can not send the “record ID” since it is not available as magic text. Is there a way for us to get it?

Since there is no “record ID” that I can access then the whole “get a record” module in Integromat becomes useless since it only works with record IDs.

I thought I could use “List Records” module and list the last 10 records and apply a filter (integromat functionality) on another field such as email and get the record I want to access but this also failed (or will fail) since it does not have an “orderBY” functionality and for this reason I’m getting the oldest records first.

I’m aware that I can use “Watch Records” module but it costs lots of operations if I check every couple of minutes if there is a new record or not.

My questions are can I have access to the record ID in magic text. Are you planning to improve your API for list records?"

Customer Support:

You should be able to access the record ID using the external collection. This is available to paying users!

Hi there,

I’m sorry but this is a very sloppy answer to the questions I sent. Actually this is not an answer to my questions at all since I didn’t ask whether record ID is available or not.

So, I kindly ask you to show the minimum required respect and attention to your customers and read the question again.

Customer Support:

Your question reads: Are you planning to improve your API for list records?

If you are unsatisfied with our current offerings please place your feature request below:

You can submit or vote for a Adalo | Feature Request on our board, and you will be notified as we make progress towards implementing these requests.


My question reads "My questions are can I have access to the record ID in magic text. Are you planning to improve your API for list records? "

Just above the question I also explained what I try to achieve.

Please share your answer.

Hi @kaan,

Still the Record ID is not available for makers as far as I’m aware! : Make unique record IDs publicly available | Voters | Adalo

But you can have a create record custom action before the webhook custom action and then in the webhook custom action you can add the id from that create record custom action! : Pass Record ID.mp4 - Google Drive

Check this video made by @JL_LJ! : Adding ID to Adalo Collection - Via Adalo API - YouTube

Another way to get the Record ID is using the Record ID component made by Pragmaflow! : A Button that gives the Record Id

Thank you


Thank you very much Dilon.

I wish the customer service had answered my question like this :slight_smile:

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