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Hello amazing Adalo comunity, i learned so much from you in the past 6 months and i must thank you all.

I made a very similar app with uber eats in my homeland, a small town in central Portugal, everything is going well thanks to Adalo.

To have a platform of this kind we have to have payments and Stripe is good but in Portugal we use a payment method called MB Way a lot, it is similar to AliPay.

My problem is this:

I managed, through the custom actions, to call the company’s API to request payment from the client but I can’t call back to validate the payment on adalo. I turned the situation around with Zapier, but here another problem appeared, Record Id, it is the only way to update a record in the adalo and there is no “easy” way to send it through the callback link.

What I did was “count all orders” since the record is the same (if we don’t delete any) but this is fallible since the account if 2 orders are started at the same time can be the same.

Is it possible to build a component of the market to (find, send) the record Id of a certain record?

Sorry for the long ask, or bad english.
Regards to you all.

Hey there. There is an ongoing discussion about it here:

Hope this gives you some insight :slight_smile:

Hi @AfonsoMarques :wave:,

So this is possible but you might need to change your structure.

I would have a “Payment Order” Collection with the field User, Order Number, Amount, Status

1: When a user clicks on Payment, this will create a new Payment order record in Adalo
This new record will automatically trigger (Webhook) your Zapier workflow and parse all the data you need including the Payment Order record ID and User record ID.

2: Next in your Zapier workflow, you can make a call to your payment provider and parse data from step 1
3: Apply some conditional logic or filtering
4: Update the “Payment order record” with the ID parsed from step 1

There are over ways to do this, but a find this approach simple.
Hope that helps :blush:

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Helloo, how do i send through Webhook this “payment order record ID” counting the items?


In Zapier when you chose the Adalo component you have the option to trigger your workflow when a new record is added to you collection :point_down:

This webhook will parse your collection ID

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Thanks a LOT i will try that

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