Link different list to the same detail screen

Hello… I have 4 different list collections based on geographical locations. Can I link them to the same details screen?

Hi @Zubby,

You mean 4 different lists connected to 4 different collections and link them all to the same detail screen? I guess you can’t because then you will get the Current data missing message and you will not be able to access that data and you would need 4 sperate screens for this.

May I know why you have 4 different lists and not use a one list and link it to a one screen?

Thank you

I have designed the app so that the businesses I want to feature in the app is divided by the 4 countries in UK by an image list. So I’ve created collections for the business according to the 4 countries and 4 different lists

Maybe you could do this in a simpler way that creating a one collection called countries and add the 4 countries as records and you can also create a relationship with businesses so that you can show that country businesses. Then for the Image List you can connect that countries collection and link it to the detail screen. And in there you can add a list and connect it to the businesses collection and filter it by the relationship property to show the ones are related to that specific country!

Just so I understand your advice sir.

  1. Create a collection with the 4 countries as record
  2. Create 4 collections for the businesses in the 4 countries? Or one collection for all business?
  3. Create the relationship btw countries and businesses?
  4. then put an image list for the country connection and link it to a detail screen
  5. add a list on the detail screen and link it to the business collection? And then filter by relationship to show which ones are related to the specific country?

I will also need to create a detail list for the businesses where I’m looking to add pictures, text, location and a review.


One collection.

Yep! One to Many between business and countries will be good! ( First option when creating the relationship )



You can link the list added on the country detail screen to a new screen and populate the components with that data or you can add a list in another screen and link it to that detail screen.