A Mandarin Chinese learning app published

Adalo helps me a lot. Adalo helps me develop a Mandarin Chinese teaching app called iChinese. I have succeeded in publishing it to both Google Play and Apple’s app store. I am deeply grateful for Adalo. The following are the weblinks for my app.

Google Play (iChinese - Learn Mandarin Chinese)

Apple’s app store (iChinese - Mandarin Chinese)

web app


I’ve always been fascinated with Chinese characters and to see the origin of the few you shown here is quite something. Job well done here! Will try it for sure.

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Thank you for your comments. I am so happy that you like it. I have added Chinese Pinyin to those Chinese characters in the first part of “Evolution of Chinese characters”, and finished updating Google Play apk and web app as follows.

Additional weblinks for my app developed on adalo.com:

web app


Google Play or Apple’s app store will ask you for privacy-policy and Technical Support weblinks. The following is my way.


Technical Support