Ability to Email Favorited Things?

I’m looking into whether Adalo can meet my codeless app needs.

I understand that there is the option to email a pre-set mailto: email, but I’m curious if it’s possible to use one of the app templates like the Directory App and have the list of favorites the user has saved e-mailed to the user.

My ideal app is one in which people can:

  • Submit new ideas to the directory - from what I understand the Directory App can do this
  • Favorite what they like - the Directory app can do this
  • Get a summary of their favorites e-mailed to them - I’m unclear here
  • (nice to have) share the app with other people via social media - I believe there is some functionality here from what I’ve read in other threads

Thanks for the reply!

Great idea

I guess for this step:

You would need to do a custom action which triggers via Zapier + Email?

This can definitely be done using custom actions + any email API service.

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