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Almost done with this. When I enter new password and click finish it just hangs and I get cannot perform action. I used vid tutorial where is says to update current user > form input > and the name of the imput, in this case New password. However, when I go to current user New password is not listed there. It is listed under other components. I am thinking this is the hang up, How do I get the form input to list under the current user?

I don’t understand what you mean. Can you try to elaborate a little more?

You need to update the user’s password by adding an “update logged-in user” action. Set the password to the input that you have added for the password. I assume that’s the input you call “New Password”. If so, update the user’s password parameter to “Other Components > New Password Input”

Yup that is what i did i used but it hangs. It is under other componants but not under current user. It just under other comp which is not listed under cirrent user dropdown. Per video it is listed under current user

Screenshots and elaborate please.

This is the correct behavior:

That is exactly how I have it setup. Sorry, it was 3am and I fell a sleep. Here is my screenshot. It is still hanging and I still get the message that it cannot complete the action

@dilon_perera and @Flawless Thanks so much for all of your help. It is working perfectly now

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@Flawless I am wanting to use your tutorial to verify email at registration. Can I use the same custom action using a different templateid to do this?

Absolutely. You can use magic text for templateid too

Can I use the same action by choosing it in custom action and then edit and and make the change without effecting the way it is being used elsewhere? In other words is it a separate instance or do I just need to recreate it?

It will affect the other ones. You’ll need to edit them to ensure that they all contain the newly created templateid parameter. You do not need to recreate it.

Just as if you add a new parameter to any database collection, it’ll be a blank field until you fill it.

Great thanks. In your tutorial for email verification you use reveal password. Do I need this to make it work?

No. Its just a nice component. Still possible with a regular input set as a password type input.

Perfect thanks

@Flawless I got pretty far with your video but I guess I am doing something wrong on the verification page. When I get to verification page is shows the verified button without me entering a code. When I enter the code it goes away. It feels l like that even thought code is getting sent to email it is not getting to where it can be verified therefore it is sending empty which would make the true from the visibility activate therefore exposing the button. Am I on the right track? if so what am I missing? Here are screen shots in sequence of what happens
Visibility setup

What I see first

What happens when I enter code

@Flawless @dilon_perera Upon further inspection I found that the code populating in the authorization code field in the database is different then the one being sent in to email. So somehow two different codes are being generated. I am not sure if that has something to do with the visibility issue or not but the plot thickens. Any insight here would be greatly appreciated

Update: I am not sure of what exactly I did but the codes are now matching up so that is good. Also, some progress on the visibility issue. Now the verify button is not populating right away however when ever I enter the code the verify button is not showing up. I basically removed all componants from the verify page and recreated them. That seem to help a bit. Just need to get the button working correctly

You have the user logged in by the time they reach this screen, correct?

Also, provide some screenshots of the actions.

Yes user is logged in as per your video, What have done is killed\deleted the pate and started fresh. I am testing at each step. Where I am now is I created the verify button and the text input button without creating any actions to the button and just setting visibility per your vid. So far success, The button and code interaction are working as expected. Dinner time now. Will back to it in about an hour. I will keep you posted on progress and post screenshots if need be. Thanks

@Flawless @dilon_perera @Abracadalo I am one Freak’n happy no-coder. Finally got the email verification to work. I worked on the visibility issue all day long as you can probably tell by all of my updates. What I have learned about Adalo today is that it isn’t just components that can go sideways on you, it can actually be the page itself which seemed to be the case today. Once I destroyed it and started over it just worked, I am glad I went through it though because it forced me to get more intimate with the components and functions and how they work so I don’t really consider it a waste of time. Your tutorial rocks. I am also inspired by your paws app design. It is my hope that I can design like that some day. I have come a long way with Adalo\no-code. I have only been an IT guy most of my career with very little experience in coding but good experience in Database management, mostly SQL. I am disabled and have not been able to work for over 5 years, Fixed income sucks. I am feeling like no-code might be my ticket out back into the work force. I am almost done with my first app and i have already been approached to develop two others. Is this really happening? Your help and the help of others here in the forum and Adalo as well as the guys at Abracadalo has been invaluable in this very short journey. I look forward to the day when I can contribute to others as you have to me.


Awesome Buddy! Wishing you the best of luck!