Need help with creating an access code input

Title isn’t too descriptive, sorry. Not sure the best way to title the problem, but here’s the issue:

I followed a video tutorial put out by someone from Adalo (I think), or it was just a user. Regardless, I followed their steps exactly as shown but running into a problem. Here’s what I’m trying to do.

When a user is registering for my app, I want them to have the ability to input an access code, which if it matches what’s in a collection, will display the “authorize” button (see screenshots) and allow them to complete registration, as well as add them to a group that corresponds to that access code.

I have the adding to group part configured correctly and the completing registration, but the issue is that when the input field for the access code is blank, the authorize button shows up regardless, allowing them to complete registration but not add them to a group, this just landing them on a page with no data.

My current configuration is a Collection called “Groups” and in that collection there is a field titled “access code.” The groups are prebuilt, so in the collection the code field is prepopulated with the code associated to that group.

On the front-end, I have a text input field to input the code and then I have a button that I converted to a list and attached that list to the groups collection, with a filter set to only show the authorize button if the group’s collection code field matches the code input into the text box.

When inputting the correct code, it does display the correct authorize button and completes the workflow as expected. But again, if the text field is empty, and authorize button still displays but has no associated data, aside from completing registration and send the user to the next screen. If an incorrect code is inputted, no authorize button is displayed, which is also an expected behavior.

So, how do I get the authorize button list to stay hidden even when the input field is empty?

Hi @preptogether ,

On the button, put visibility if not empty.

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If you make the authorzie button a list of the collection you want then filter it by the Input Field then the user will be able to click them.

The good thing about this too is that you can then add actions related to that collection. example: You can add that user to the collection.

The list will not show if the input does not equal any of the records in the colleciton


Ahhh yeah that makes sense lol. Thanks for the help and quick response!

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