Public access to DB collect results (public profile pages)

Hello, everyone. I have been trying to create a page that allows visitors to view profile pages of companies but I dont want them to have to register to view the page. Is there a way to do this that I am not seeing?
When I create my “list” page that shows the companies my visitors cannot see other profiles without being logged into the system.
Is there a work around?
Thank you
Jason D

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Hi @Lynk,

Yes, this is possible. You just need to set up the navigation in your app for this.

In brief: Adalo has 3 screen “types”: Normal screen, Welcome screen and Home screen:

  • Normal screens are just regular screens
  • Welcome screen is the first screen shown to a user when the app user is not authenticated
  • Home screen is the first screen shown to a user when the app user is authenticated. The authentication token is kept in the browser / app on a user device. Therefore if a user closes the app and reopens it later, they will be sent to the Home screen.

Now you may already know the answer to your questions : in order for your users to see list of Companies without authentication, you need to create the navigation to Company List screen (and possibly other details screens) from the Welcome screen. As a result your users won’t need to enter login/password to view this info.

Keep in mind:

  • plan your navigation carefully so that you’re sure that “public” screens don’t require any information from Logged-In User
  • and similarly, make sure that your “public” unauthenticated users won’t get to any screens which are intended to be used only by authenticated users.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for the info. BTW, do you know if it is possible to do driving directions with the Adalo Geolocation system?

Hi @Lynk,

Adalo Google Maps component can’t do any kind of routes, etc.

You can try to explore if you could use Google Maps API either to generate the static map image with the route, or to open Google Maps app with the start and end points and a route.

Best regards, Victor.