Accordion without using the login database


To get hands on Adalo, I’m creating a little app for the upcoming presidential election here in France.
I would like to create an accordion to display the presidential program by section. I did find out about this How To Create Accordion Sections which matches what I need but, it requires that the user logs in. I was expecting to not have mandatory registration in order to access general information.
Are you aware of another way to create accordion without using login user database?


Instead of using a logged in user field, add an input component to the screen (hidden under a rectangle).

Use that for the conditional logic.

Set the input component to a number field and set the default value to 0.

When an item is clicked, change the input value to 1.

Set the visibility settings of the accordion as only visible when the input value is equal to 1.

That way, it checks the value of the input component instead of a value from the logged in user.


Damn, so obvious, why did I focused so much on the login user :expressionless:
I’ll make as soon as I get home. Thanks

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