Account issue, please help

@David @Kyle @Ben Can anyone help me? I am experiencing an issue in my account since friday. My whole account is down, I cannot access any of my apps and if I try to enter my account as an editor, it doesn’t stop loading.

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I have been trying to contact the support team since friday but didn’t receive a single answer…

What have you tried so far to solve this?

This is a topic that has been discussed many times in the forum. With many recommendations on how to resolve it.

We here are having the same issue with support only sending one line answers and dismissing our problems…We need help in transferring two apps to our account and have been submitting tickets since May 24. I have had NO replies to my emails. C’mon people, we just want our apps back. Please please contact us to resolve this situation ASAP…its not a matter of submitting a ticket, we need to get on the phone and figure this out with a devs or someone who has actual access to the back end of Adalo.

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@charleshope Hi Charles, you seem to be quite active on this forum and it also seems as if you are almost in my timezone (i am in Paris) I really don’t want to inundate your forum with my pleas for help (which you call spam) and i see that you discourage this with the other person Berodela who is also having issues with support not supporting. SO, that being said, could we jump on a call to see if we can resolve my issue? You can send me an email: and i will set up a video call or phone call anytime you wish today. Thank you for your speedy reply

Hi @Lynxeducate although I would love to jump on a call, I don’t have much time to do that.

I jump on the forum when I have available time to do so. A call would imply a significant chunk of time, which I usually don’t have.

I also would like to clarify, if it’s not clear already, that Community leaders are not Adalo’s staff. We don’t get paid for doing this. We do this because we love Adalo and because we love to help others.

In this case, with the loading issue, it has been covered many times in the forum. Many suggestions have been provided.

  • Try different browsers (Brave and Firefox are best)
  • Try clearing cache and cookies
  • Try incognito/private windows
  • Try a different network
  • Try a VPN connected to the US
  • Try login out and in again
  • Etc.

All of it can be found by searching and reading through this forum.

If nothing works, then Adalo support is the way to go. To get proper responses from them, please provide as many details as possible, including screenshots and a screen recording (we recommend Loom).

I hope that helps.

Thanks for that clarification, but our problem is not accessing the apps it is getting them properly transferred to our accounts from an Adalo expert called Complab. there is a story of a shared database and 3 apps. One app was correctly transferred but the two others have not been transferred. We cant figure out why and support keeps giving us one liners then going MIA for a while…exasperating, maddening… anyhoo, thanks for your reply in any case, that’s decent. have a good day

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