Achieving auto-renewal In-APP Purchases?

Hi, the new In-App Purchases feature is great, but Adalo still does not handle auto-renewable In-App Purchases (app subscriptions).

Does anyone think of some kind of hack / automation that could do the workaround with this? Maybe with Parabola, Integromat, Zappier, etc?

That is the ONLY thing holding me back.

Thanks in advance!


I also need this! Interested in any workarounds that people have found.

This feature is coming soon actually! You can join the Beta for this feature here.


I did signed up for the Beta but haven’t received anything. Thanks!

I believe we are releasing it to groups of users on a first come first serve basis, so you might be further down the queue.

Amazing!! Being able to use the auto-renewal would be super super helpful for our app. We’re an LGBT+ mental health app, we are using Adalo to launch on iOS and Android stores in the next few weeks. I’m in the process of getting the app reviewed on the iOS store at the moment.

The auto-renewal would enable us to charge £2.99 a month for our users to access extra content, and live mindfulness sessions. We’ve found through research that people prefer spreading the cost of their mental health support.

Hey @pford, the guys at Fitz would be elated to be accepted into the beta.

We’re an outfit planning app, planning to charge users $6.50/month. This will not only help us plan for the prospective future but also guarantee revenue month after month.

Our app: FITZ


Is it still possible to join the Beta please?

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any news on the auto-renewal in-app purchases feature?
This will be amazing!

Hi @CyrilVan,

Please Submit A Support Ticket for access to the In-App Purchases - Subscriptions (Beta).